Climate and Flora

According to Mersin province area, the climate varies according to the region. The coastal parts of the province (including Tarsus) are dominated by the Mediterranean climate, while inland the continental climate is dominant. The climate of Tarsus is typical Mediterranean climate, the summers are hot and dry, the winters are warm and rainy. According to the meteorological station data of the Directorate of Rural Services Research Institute, the 46-year average rainfall of the region is 616.7 mm.
Approximately 78% of the average annual rainfall is between April and October, with 22% between November and March. The mean of rainfall values obtained from the meteorological station data are given in the tables.
The recurrence analysis calculations of the maximum heavy rainfall at the standard times determined for Adana and Mersin were examined and the Mersin value for Tarsus was found suitable.
The estimated monthly average maximum and minimum temperature values for Tarsus from the General Directorate of State Meteorological Services are shown in the tables.