Özgecan Aslan Lifelong Education and Sports Center

The "Tarsus Lifelong Education and Sports Center" has been established by the Municipality of Tarsus within the scope of Çukurova Development Agency's "Financial Support Program for the Social and Economic Harmony of Immigrant Population". "Tarsus Lifelong Education and Sports Center" name has been changed to "ÖZGECAN ASLAN LIFE SIZE EDUCATION AND SPORTS CENTER" in order to keep ÖZGECAN ASLAN's name alive in Tarsus.

Özgecan Aslan Lifelong Learning and Sports Center aims to support the education of children between the ages of 8 and 16, as well as to support their individual development and participation in social life. In the center of the center; Science Center, Sports Wholesalel, Classroom, Survey and Reading Wholesalel, Computer Wholesalel, Model Airplane Workshop, Painting Workshop, Music Wholesalel and Vocational Training Workshops.

The Tarsus Science Center is a center established by the Municipality of Tarsus with the vision of creating information society in our region, knowing the society, scientific thinking, increasing the interest in the developing technologies, especially contributing to the development of knowledge, skills and production skills of the young generation. To stimulate the curiosity of children, young people and adults, to provide a collective learning spirit, an excitement of exploring happiness and experimentation, to enhance and develop verbal, analytical and scientific thinking skills in the community; To provide an environment for the promotion and discussion of creative ideas, new knowledge, discoveries and inventions, and to serve as a field of application for the educational programs of the schools.

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Özgecan Aslan Lifelong Education and Sports Center 
Fevzi Çakmak Neighborhood, Adana Boulevard (Next To Tarsus Mall), TARSUS 
Phone: +90324 614 24 42