Commercial and Economic Life

Objective XI: Contributing to the Revitalization of the Economy and Trade in our Region

Target XI.1: Establishment of new places where shopping can be done in Tarsus quality and economically during the Plan period

Activity / Project XI.1.1 -2010-2014 Fair area construction
Activity / Project XI.1.2 - Making wheat market in 2010
Activity / Project XI.1.3 Completion of the second small industrial site in the years -2010-2013
Activity / Project XI.1.4 Restoration of the Historical Trade Center in the years 2010-2012
Activity / Project XI.1.5 Regular neighborhood bazaar in -2010-2013
Activity / Project XI.1.6 -The sale of village products in the year of -2010-2012
Activity / Project XI.1.7 Construction of a shopping center in Ülküköy in 2010-2012
Activity / Project XI.1.8 Animal breeding in the years 2010-2012

Strategy XI.1.1: Development of the economic and commercial system.