Mayor’s Duties
  • To direct and manage the municipal organization as the supreme municipality's municipal organization, to protect the rights and interests of the municipality.
  • To preside over the Municipal Assembly and the Council, to implement and fulfill the decisions of these comities.
  • Taking the necessary precautions for the effective and efficient implementation of the duties and services given to the Municipality by law.
  • Assigning municipal staff.
  • Solemnize marriage when necessary.
  • To fulfill the services of the county municipal offices and to use the authorities from the duties and authorities given to the mayors by other laws.
  • Using disability allowance for poor and needy in the budget, creating disability centers to support activities related to disabled people.
  • Implementing orders and prohibitions to ensure that municipal services are carried out.
  • To implement municipal duties under the authority and responsibility of municipal council, municipal custodian or not affiliated to the approval of the higher authorities.
  • To monitor and fulfill local needs and services of the municipality.
  • Managing and representing the property and property of the municipality.
  • To monitor and collect the revenue and receivables of the municipality.
  • To issue contracts, subject to approval of the competent authority or body; Peace and prosperity; Accept donations; To make all civil contracts to the municipal account.
  • Representing the municipality as plaintiff or defendant in apartments and courts.
  • The mayors are the governors of the municipal budget. In this capacity, the mayor is authorized to certify the expenditure documents and expense accruals and to sign the spending orders.
  • As representatives of the municipal administration and the people of the district, they are in the official ceremonies next to the chief mansion administrator.