Urban Development and Urban Planning Directorate

Eyüp Anıl YARPUZ
Urban Development and Urban Planning Director


I was born in Tarsus on 13.10.1986. I went primary school at Hasan Karamehmet Primary School, secondary school at Aldülkerim Bengi Anatolian High School. In 2010 I graduated from Cukurova University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Civil Engineering. I started as a public officer in Tarsus Municipality on 25.11.2011. I worked as a civil engineer at the Science and Urban Planning Departments. I'm married. I am currently working as Director of Urban Development.


Directorate of Urban Development and Urban Planning works under the Deputy Mayor.
There are 1 City Planner, 5 Map Engineers, 3 Architects, 1 Landscape Architect, 1 Geological Engineer, 1 Construction Engineer, 6 Map Technician, 5 Construction Technician, 6 Scientist, 7 Officer and 10 Workers in the field of Construction and Urban Planning. Directorate of Urban Planning and Urban Planning Within the boundaries of the Tarsus Municipality, the necessary work is carried out and carried out in order to implement the Urban Planning Plans, the Urban Planning Plans and the construction of buildings in accordance with the relevant Laws and Regulations.
Development and Urban Planning Directorate consists of 3 branch managers.

Plan Implementation and Expropriation Branch Manager

Plan Implementation and Expropriation The branch manager makes the current maps for the planned urbanization of Tarsus, makes and controls it. According to Article 18 of the law number 3194 of the 1/1000 scaled zoning plans, zoning plan application studies are carried out. Controls the zoning plan application studies made by special bureaus, the subdivision of parcels, abandoned roads and roadside works. It makes expropriation studies.

License and Building Control Branch Manager

Licenses and Building Control The branch manager prepares work for the construction of buildings in accordance with planned, health, environment and technique. It prepares the building size of the citizens who want to construct construction, controls the waterworks control of buildings, control and approval of construction projects, It arranges the road crossing document of the facilities such as the fuel station. It takes preventive measures to prevent illegal construction to ensure planned urbanization.

Zoning Plans and Programs Branch Manager

Zoning Plans and Programs The branch management organizes and controls zoning plan construction works within the contiguous area boundaries. They are preparing a 5-year development program.

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