Technical Works Directorate

Technical Works Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in line with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of Municipality Law No.5393 and "Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Local Authorities Associations" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. 06/04/2007 Was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.
The Science Department is the planning and implementation unit of all kinds of Public Works activities of Tarsus Municipality. The Municipality of Tarsus produces the services required by the unit included in the Strategic Plan and the Year Performance Program, which is prepared by taking into consideration the needs and priorities of the province in accordance with the Municipality Law No. 5393. When necessary, it coordinates with other investor organizations to ensure the urban development of Tarsus, the establishment of urban facilities, roads, squares, boulevards and pedestrian roads in accordance with the requirements of the times and standards. Taking measures to reduce noise and noise pollution in all kinds of sub and superstructure facilities, making social facilities and building annexes, fulfilling the support and completion services required for business and business units in these works and transactions are among the primary duties of the directorate.
The Directorate of Science Affairs shall make and / or carry out the works and transactions covered by the above within its own organization and management plan. Within the framework of this program;

  • To prepare the specifications and protocols for construction, repair and service tenders of all types of services, social and cultural buildings, urban facilities, superstructure facilities, indoor and outdoor sports areas and existing facilities, which are considered to be the duties of the municipality or decided by the municipal council, , To carry out the tenders to constitute the inspection, acceptance and other commissions according to the Public Procurement Law numbered 4734 and submit them to the approval of the upper authority,
  • To carry out the construction of these facilities and to inspect, operate, maintain and repair them,
  • To examine and approve the progress and final accounts of the above mentioned works, to make temporary and final acceptances and to follow them,
  • To ensure that roads, boulevards, streets, squares and pedestrian roads in the development plans are constructed in accordance with the plan conditions,
  • To relieve urban transportation, to improve city aesthetics, to make streets, squares and garden illuminations, to organize pedestrian roads and implement them,
  • Possible bad weather conditions; Struggle in the framework of the disaster plan prepared with floods,
  • Taking, maintaining and storing the necessary tools, work machines and spare parts, road and superstructure manufacturing materials, using them when necessary, keeping existing vehicles and work machines in operation,
  • To conclude the abandonment of all kinds of vehicles and fixtures that have reached their economic life within the framework of the legislation,
  • Conducting related services; To get worksite, workshop, productivity enhancing measures, to ensure and ensure the conditions of work safety,
  • Establishing and operating workshops to produce building materials used in investment services,
  • Making and carrying out construction demolitions after the legal works and procedures have been finalized by the relevant unit and the buildings that are contrary to the Zoning Plan, Construction Law and License and its annexes have been transferred to the Science Directorate within the framework of the Zoning Law No. 3194,
  • To prepare the annual budget and investment plans for the unit, to send the related party,
  • Making accrued expenses related to the subject, communicating with the Financial Services Department,
  • To prepare all kinds of reports and studies required by the Presidency,
  • To implement the decisions taken by the Municipal Assembly and the Municipal Council regarding the work of the Directorate in accordance with the Municipality Law No. 5393,
  • To prepare and submit proposals for the work of the Municipal Assembly and the Council,
  • Conducting research, planning, coordination, development, programs and services related to the topic,
  • To make maintenance, repair and new service buildings of all the state-owned schools within the municipality boundaries within the budget facilities,
  • To make and carry out the duties and powers given to the municipalities by Law No. 5393 by following the matters that interest them,
  • Providing coordination with other infrastructure institutions and organizations belonging to the public and investments and providing the necessary support during these activities,
  • To organize the contractors and technical staff working in these companies to document the work finishing, work experience and business management documents and their registers,
  • Inspecting all kinds of public works services in charge of responsibility,
  • Providing maintenance, repair and new service buildings for all public buildings within the boundaries of the county and within the sister municipalities within the framework of the duties of the directorate according to law no. 5393 if budgeted by the municipal council.

activities ACHIEVED


Nene Hatun Daycare Center, located in the municipal facilities, will have children from 2 to 65 months old. The crib has 3 classrooms, 2 sleeping rooms, a children's dining room, a health cabin, a computer room and a games room.


The madrasa, built by Ramazanoğlu Beyi Kubat Pasha in 1557, is the only education and training institute that has ever existed ever since. The traditional Seljuk architectural style is built of regularly cut stone. The building was restored in 1969-1970 and used as the Tarsus Museum by the Ministry of Culture. After the Tarsus Museum moved to the 75th Year Culture Center, the building was empty. The Kubat Pasha Madrasah restoration project was approved with the decision of Adana Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation District Committee. Building Ownership belongs to the General Directorate of Foundations and has been allocated to be restored to the municipality by a protocol between our Municipality and Adana Foundation Directorate.


Sungurlar (Burhanoğulları) mound construction, restoration and restitution projects, which are located in Kızılmurat district 571, 2nd parcel of the property belonging to our municipality, were prepared by our municipality and approved for making a boutique hotel in Adana Culture and Nature Preservation Board. Since the building was in a bad condition until today, the scaffold system was installed for 3 months and the grounds of the works were prepared and the stones on some walls were refreshed and filled with joints. When the restoration of Sungurlar (Burhanoğulları) Wholesalel is completed, 10 rooms with a capacity of 25 beds will be removed if there is a problem of accommodation which is a big problem in terms of tourism in our city.


There are 34 shops, cafeterias and some departments on the market in the Anıt neighborhood built by the Science Directorate of Tarsus Municipality.


As a target group in our project, children aged 8-16 years and women aged 16-50 years living in these neighborhoods were identified. The children will be educated with the science park, study room, education class and computer room to be formed in the center; Sports hall, painting, music and model airplane workshops will contribute to individual development and social life participation. Women will be supported with training classes and training that will be formed in the center, women's counseling bureau, sports hall, painting and music workshops, individual development and social life participation.

İŞGEM (Business Development Centers)

Business Development Centers are a new generation of employment and business establishment model for our country that supports and facilitates the establishment and development of small entrepreneurs, thereby increasing the survival and growth opportunities of the enterprises.


It was built in order to realize social services according to the needs of the age.


On this market there were 30 workplaces, each of which was 18 square meters in size. It was established on an area of 7650 square meters. A market area of 5000 square meters is used. Currently there are 235 market stands open and there are 30 work places, a police point, 1 generator room, male and female toilets, 1 mosque and an open camellia buffet which can serve every day of the week.




For the neighborhood of 45 neighborhoods, 15 of them have been completed and served to the neighborhood service buildings which are thought to provide better service to the citizens of municipalities. The municipal office has a neighborhood room, a kitchen and a wc - sink.


2600 m long, 12 m wide right-left service road including pavement was made. The D-400 was passed through certain points separated by profile railings from the D-400. Illuminated with 150 (right-left) aluminum lighting poles. Aluminum construction (rainwater and sewer connections) Signaling systems are installed to regulate traffic flow.


A total of 133 km of hot asphalt and 138 km of asphalt pavement work has been carried out in the first phase of the asphalt works covering the entire city.


30.000 m2 parquet and 18.000 m border laying work were carried out for pavement, road and park construction works in various neighborhoods of our city.

‘TarSUs Park’ Project General Information

Ismetpasa Dist. Olympic swimming pool and social facilities in Atatürk Park
* TARSUS PARK construction was realized in 8,700 m2 area
* The total area is 1653m2, the pool consists of 1.416 m2 swimming pool, 187m2 slide pool and 50 m2 children pool. At the same time, administrative building, dressing rooms, shopping center, fast food restaurant, sports room, infirmary, escort office and warehouse are located.
* The construction of the plant (in the landscape) was made of building materials consisting of natural stone coating, traverten coating, locked parquet coating and artificial rock. Natural Soils are separated into green area and germinated.

Arrangement of Atatürk Street Swarm Area

The street is 400 m long and has a width of 22 m. There are 2 ornamental pools, 1 fountain in Ottoman architecture style, 3 buffets, 16 busts, shadows and pergolas on this area.

Indoor Sports Center

The indoor sports hall, which is located in Tarsus at İsmetpaşa district with a total of 2340 m2, has been modernized with the aim of providing better services to our youth and sports clubs.

Mehmet Celebi Indoor Sports Center

To support our amateur and professional teams in our city and to encourage our young people to spore, a sports hall with a total capacity of 400 spectators with a total of 1040 m2 has been constructed on the plot belonging to the municipality of Tarsus at Sehit Ishak locality.

Park and Green Area Regulations

In the areas allocated as parking areas for 45 neighborhoods, the directorate has made arrangements for children's play equipment, living areas, body building (fitness) tools.

Arrangement of Provisional Area of Dam Basin

The area belonging to State Water Works, which is located in the downtown area of the city, has been rented to our municipality and it has been arranged to serve the needs of rest and entertainment of our people living in our city. The children play parks, fitness equipment, football-basketball-tennis playgrounds Center, buffet, outdoor show center, games and picnic areas for the disabled, as well as seating groups (camellia, canopy).


Activity Photos
Tarsus Martyrdom
The entrance gate and the surrounding wall of the Tarsus martyrdom located in the monumental mahalles have been reorganized. The wall was renovated 39 meters long and made of ferforje demirdır. In addition, illuminated Turkish flagged door was built.

Martyr's Park
Park construction is continuing within the scope of a park project for each municipality. Several images of the park were shown recently.

The Rift Valley Park
Park construction is continuing within the scope of a park project for each municipality. Several images of the park were shown recently.

Peace and Brotherhood Park
Park construction is continuing within the scope of a park project for each municipality. Several images of the park were shown recently.

Mill Tea Garden
It was made as a tea garden with artificial waterfall and mill in Duatepe square.

Sunay Atilla The additional construction of an escalator with a height of 7 meters to the pedestrian overpasses at the east and west of the Upper Pass. Escalators made in addition to pedestrian overpasses, in particular, The elderly and the child citizen of the sick, the upper passageway to provide a convenient way to reach the service was offered.

Han Restaurant
Rasim Dokur Park was built on a total area of 3600 m2. This 2800 m2 of 3600 m2 area is organized as a green area and a children's park. The restaurant was built on an area of 635 m2. 200 m2 closed area for winter, 308 m2 for summer area, 127 m2 for kitchen as planned.

Orhan Eser Overpass
In the Hurriyet neighborhood, T.D.D. 38 meters in length and 7 meters in height from the steel construction over the pedestrian overpass.

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