Registry Directorate

İbrahim GÜRSOY
Registry Director


I was born in Tarsus in 1981. I completed primary school in the primary school and secondary school in Tarsus at the Imam Hatip High School. Then I graduated from Trakya University Edirne Vocational School with Associate Degree in Public Relations. In 2007, I was appointed as a civil servant to Erzincan University by Public Personnel Selection Examination. In 2011, I transferred to Tarsus Municipality through inter-institutional transfer. In Tarsus Municipality, I made the Directorate of Management, Culture and Social Affairs, the Directorate of Private Affairs and the Cleaning Affairs Directorate in White House under the direction of Press and Public Relations Directorate. I am in charge of the Registry Directorate at the moment. I am married and have 1 daughter.


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in accordance with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of the Municipality Law No 5393 and "The Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Local Administration Unions" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. On 06/04/2007 it was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.


  • Provides the realization of the objectives of the directorate in line with the Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Programs,
  • Completes the matters within the scope of duties and responsibilities of the 2nd Directorate of Fonts in accordance with the provisions of all legal regulations that are liable in accordance with the instructions from the Mayor and / or the Vice President, makes the necessary appointments in relation to the personnel in all matters, Supervises the activities of the directorate, and resolves any problems. It prepares or prepares annual, monthly, weekly, daily work programs, provides referrals and administration according to these programs, and provides the necessary reports to the upper authorities in these matters.
  • As the first registry officer; The staff gives a record note, improves working conditions and puts principles. It monitors the performance of the Directorate staff and makes necessary assessments, if any, to the top authorities for punishment and reward.
  • Allows personnel to make permits and use permits. Report, birth, death etc. Follows and checks the correspondences on topics.
  • The Mayor's Office; Checks the incoming and outgoing documents from the external and internal institutions, units and persons and controls the arrival and archiving of the documents after they have done the referral and transportation.
  • Enables confidential grade documents from / to external and internal units to arrive at their place by registering them in a confidential paper book
  • In order to increase the efficiency of the work, the law, the administrative and general judicial decisions together with the subscription to the Official Gazette,
  • The municipalities are required to make the mails of foreign institutions and individuals by mail or courier, by the Director of the Writing Affairs, and distribute them to the related units after they have registered in the computer environment
  • Make the departure record of the letters and mail documents that will go to the external institutions and persons coming from the internal units and send them to the related parties within the legal period through the courier
  • After making all the incoming and outgoing documents to the Directorate, after making the letter to the Manager, they make the registration, they make the correspondence of the corresponded article, prepare the reply letter if the reply should be given,
  • Carries out archiving after completing the correspondence of the work of the Directorate staff about the health, permits and personal affairs.
  • Makes subscription transactions of the Official Gazette, Regulation, Circular and useful journals coming from the Municipality and archives them after making them reach their respective places.
  • Prepares the list of movable goods in all units of the Directorate and prepares the list. The relevant prepares the items for the annual and annual applications by keeping them in the movable property book and sends them to the Financial Services Directorate. As a mobile management officer, he controls the portable shoe. It also provides correspondence to the necessary places for the fixtures to be allocated to the HEC, reports them to the Portable Consoled Officer and then deducts them from the movable property registry.
  • Prepare the head office budget and send it to the Financial Services Department
  • The Council meeting is attended by the mayor as the member of the Council in accordance with Article 33 of the Municipal Law
  • Prepare the Council agenda on behalf of the Mayor, in accordance with the documents referred to it for the meeting of the Municipal Covenant,
  • The topics discussed at the Council meeting; Numbering by giving numbers to the Board of Directors respectively and writing them in the face of the net; In the computer environment, makes the decisions taken in the council, embezzlement, makes the unit concerned.
  • Archives all the Council decisions after the necessary action is completed
  • Prepare scorecards for the attendance of members of the Council and send them to the Financial Services Department
  • responds to the letter from the relevant committee and then archives
  • Prepare the municipal council agenda on behalf of the Mayor in the direction of the bulleted topics coming from the Municipal Units to be discussed by the Municipal Assembly
  • Prepared Agenda; To the addresses of the signatures at least three days in advance of the Municipal Law No. 5393 at least three days prior to the provisions of Articles 20 and 21, or to provide information to members via post, fax and telephone means. The meeting allows the public to be informed about the agenda, the time and where the meeting is located
  • After the meeting, prepare the top letter of the documents referred to specialization commissions and sign the Mayor's letter to the related commission and provide the answer within legal period. At the next parliamentary meeting, it will allow for consideration of the matter.
  • Writes after the numbering of the proposals that have been decided, together with the minutes of the meeting,
  • Writes after the numbering procedures of the proposals which have been decided, writes the minutes of the meeting together with the minutes of the meeting and signs the members of the Presidency. If the Mayor does not return the decision within the legal period pursuant to Article 23 of Law No. 5393,
  • Makes parliamentary decisions sent to the property for approval
  • Archives all transactions related to the Municipal Assembly.
  • Follows and archives the personal records of Assembly members
  • Admit applicants who want to have official marriage processing
  • Takes the negotiable documents required for wedding transactions from the Commodity Directorate and records them according to the serial number of the Official Documents book.
  • Admits applicants' application documents, checks compliance with laws and regulations, and sets the date on which marriage takes place by accepting the requests of applicants who have no legal obstacles to marrying during the investigation.
  • Send all marriage contracts to the Population Directorate for processing in the population register
  • Prepare permits for married couples who are accepted and want to marry their marriage outside the district
  • Archives all documents related to weddings.