Press and Public Relations Directorate

Ali Haydar ÖLMEZ
Director of Press and Public Relations


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in accordance with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of the Municipality Law No 5393 and "The Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Local Administration Unions" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. 06/04/2007 Was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.


Directorate; The relevant legislation and the duties assigned to him / her and the duties listed in this regulation.


Directorate; It is the duty of the Tarsus Mayor or the Vice President appointed by the Tarsus Mayor or the Vice President to carry out the duties and responsibilities required by this regulation and the related legislation, and to ensure that the services are carried out in a planned, programmed, effective and harmonious manner.


  • Ensures the realization of the goals of the directorate in line with the Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Programs.
  • The spending authority of the directorate and the manager of the directorate are rank 1 and discipline supervisor.
  • Provides coordination between the Directorate and other directorates and units.
  • The issues to be taken into consideration in relation to press and public relations related to private and legal persons outside the institution, the strengthening of the image of the municipality, etc. Informing the public about the interests of the institution on issues, conducting business related to the field, public information leaflet, newsletter, municipal web page, etc. Complaints, proposals, etc. from the citizens to carry out the works. To organize activities related to celebrations of important days in terms of Tarsus from the point of coordination of activities conducted by our municipal authorities from the point of view that the subjects should be solved by the other units of the municipality as soon as possible and that information should be given to them and that they should be made aware of the work done by the units and coordinating informative activities of the people's councilor or the mayor. Is responsible for conducting promotional activities.
  • To carry out the necessary coordination and duties in order to ensure that the units affiliated to the Directorate perform their duties and services completely.
  • To carry out the duties given by the mayor and the deputy chairperson in accordance with the laws.
  • To perform all kinds of duties assigned by laws, regulations, regulations and related legislation except those mentioned above.
  • Ensuring that incoming / outgoing documentary records are written, written in response, filed and archived.
  • Managing business and transactions related to the procurement of goods and services.
  • To prepare the budget of the directorate.
  • About personnel; Annual leave, discipline, assignment, such as personalization to ensure that all kinds of correspondence.
  • To carry out tasks assigned to them in relation to organizations.
  • Ensuring that the necessary procedures are completed and completed to evaluate and respond to any notices, complaints and wishes sent by the citizens to the Municipality.
  • Introducing the national, spiritual, historical, cultural, artistic and touristic values of our districts in the country and abroad by utilizing all kinds of possibilities and providing seminars, symposiums, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, festivals, To organize or to participate in organized activities such as public and private institutions, establishments, communities and individuals operating in this field and to provide necessary cooperation between them and to encourage such activities to be carried out in our schools and to award them .
  • To ensure that the publications, documents and materials necessary to promote Tarsus in Turkey and abroad are prepared, purchased and distributed. To organize promotional activities by making necessary preparations for activities organized by the institution.
  • Carry out various publicity activities to make citizens aware of the services, infrastructure, units, activities and organizations of municipal services.
  • Adoption of the policy that the municipal administration is obliged to observe, to make public the work done.
  • To prepare the public to inform the public about the activities and activities carried out, taking into account the right of the people to obtain information, and to organize the chairperson's informative nature meetings.
  • Various non-governmental organizations, muhtars, etc. With the participation of the municipal administration to hold meetings in certain periods to organize organizations to come together.
  • Evaluate the results obtained in relation to the public and conduct research to determine the measures that would enhance the effectiveness of the activities in this area.
  • Preparing SMS lists, sending invitations for updates, greetings and condolences.
  • To prepare the participant lists for the programs, to ensure the identification and reporting of the participants.

Press Release Public Relations Department and affiliated units

1. Printing house
2. Sign workshop
3. White house
4. 188 funeral services
activities we have annually organized.
- Hıdırellez Days in Eshab-ı Kehf
- Waterfall Karacoglan Poetry Evenings
- Summer festivals
- Peoples and Institutions Football Tournament
- October 29 Republican Oil Wrestling
- Turkmen Festival

Yogurt, smashing pot with a stick, breaking a pot with a stick, pulling a rope, picking a rope, finding a gold in yogurt, grabbing a gift, dropping a man with a sack, transporting an egg with a spoon, pretzels, apples and eggs to ensure that your historical games are kept forgotten and transferred to future generations. Cloak and chair wrestling competitions are being held. December 27, Tarsus Salvation activities (We are active in sneaky, sword shield team, javelin crew and local artists concerts.) Press releases and cd recordings were prepared for the declaration of our municipality activities related to our municipality activities and our municipalities, The newspaper was distributed to relevant press organizations for publication on radio and TV.
In addition to religious and national festivals, which are among the activities of our Municipality, all social and cultural activities that we have realized have been carried out jointly with the Municipality Culture Directorate and efforts have been made to carry out the activities in a healthy and beautiful manner. Tarsus's historical touristic and religious culture, and German, English, French and Turkish language, surrounded by the tongues of a documentary filming helping the relevant shooting teams to help us to introduce our country, both in Turkey and abroad have been made.
In order to provide a better dialogue between the municipalities and the rights, we have tried to inform our citizens about the works done in relation to water, cleanliness, roads and other services to the public and also to print colored brochures and booklets in order to convey the situation of our municipality to the public. Opening of all kinds of activities and new service units of our municipality