Parks and Gardens Directorate

Abdulkerim ÖZKUL
Parks and Gardens Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in accordance with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of the Municipality Law No 5393 and "The Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Local Administration Unions" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. On 06/04/2007 it was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.

Authority, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures the realization of the goals of the directorate in line with the Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Programs.
  • Parks and Gardens Directorate It is planned to organize all kinds of parks and gardens, intersections and central refuges within the borders of Tarsus Municipality, to plant the streets and streets, to plan and do activities with the aim of improving the services made every year regularly and in a programmed manner, Or do it,
  • Prepare and implement all kinds of urban design and landscape application projects with the required research and development and project offices or consultancy organizations.
  • To comment and study for physical and architectural restoration in parks, gardens, woods, green areas.
  • Planting and regulating green areas within the municipality boundaries.
  • Greenhouses and nurseries to meet the needs of parks and gardens. To make and operate facilities
  • To provide the necessary answers and enlightening information after the people have examined the various wishes, demands and complaints about the parks and gardens and have done the necessary researches and studies.
  • Identify the necessary needs for the Directorate of Parks and Gardens and provide the necessary materials
  • To cooperate with the necessary institutions on the basis of the works of the Directorate of Parks and Gardens
  • Supplying the plant soil and fertilizer required for park and green area regeneration works
  • To procure saplings from the nurseries and to do their stitches and care.
  • To carry out grass planting, shaping and maintenance.
  • To ensure that all green areas are watered, and to prepare and implement a periodic program for the irrigation of trees.
  • Pruning time to carry out maintenance activities such as pruning trees, cutting dryers, lifting tumblers.
  • To combat agricultural diseases against plant diseases and pests.
  • To prepare, install, repair, repair the defects in the preparation of game equipment, benches, picnic tables to be parked and places to be placed.
  • Painting, welding, lawn mowing, cleaning, irrigation etc. in order to ensure the continuity of services in parks and green areas. Maintenance and repair work.
  • Making or taking care of guard houses to protect parks and gardens, materials.
  • To prepare a report on the damage that the public has done in the green area, the central refuge and the roundabouts, and to study the cause of the damage from the destruction.
  • Carrying out the purchasing and maintenance of the necessary tools, tools and machines, keeping existing vehicles and machines in working condition.
  • Preparing the annual budget and investment plans.
  • To prepare the specifications and protocols for goods, services and construction contracts.
  • To implement the decisions taken by the Municipal Assembly and the Municipal Covenant in accordance with the law numbered 5393 and regarding their managerial work.
  • to prepare proposals for the work of the Municipal Assembly and the Council and submit them to the approval of the authority.


Parks Gardens provides modern urbanism and natural surroundings for human development, for people to stress, for sports, for picnics, for people to fuse with each other, for children to be entertained, and for cultural parks to increase people's knowledge.
The Parks Gardens Directorate has made a great part of the installation of the fence wires in the central refuges located in the city. The sea refugees are greened with hedge plants, seasonal flowers and lawns.
In the nursery area located within the parks gardens municipal facilities, seasonal flowers, fence plants and most of the plants used for afforestation are grown by our own personnel.
Every day after the work of the parks gardens administration is done under the supervision of the parks gardens manager, the distribution of the personnel is done. In the parks located in the city, the care, pruning and watering of the trees, seasonal flowers and plants located in the green areas are performed in the central refuges. Seasonal flowers are planted and maintained in accordance with the periods.
Ataturk Street was closed to traffic between the PTT and Kurtuluş Square, and Atatürk Caddesi was constructed as a Yarelik Field, and each tree was covered with green leaves, hedgerows and seasonal flowers. One person from the staff of the Park Directorate is constantly providing maintenance and irrigation of plants in this area.


Previously there was a restaurant and tea garden in this area. The new situation was set up as a mini buffet, picnic tables with tea cups and wooden benches, lightening systems for environmentally prepared iron, balustrades, iron bridge bridges, flooring of parquet flooring and landscaping for 24 hours.
Tarsus can benefit 24 hours as a picnic and recreation area from here. Entrance and picnic are free.
There is Karacaoglan statue here. This year Karacaoğlan Waterfall Poetry 4th-evening activities were performed.


The seat has a seating capacity of around 4,600 and a general capacity of around 8,000.
Concert activities in this center are on 1200m2 grass area, traditional wrestling competitions are held in institutions, organizations, men's, women's volleyball tournaments, football tournaments between 30s.


Tarsus Park is established on 34.500 m2 area and the biggest game group of Turkey is located in the park. In the park there are table tennis fields, obstacle society, swimming pool sadabat tea garden, Emirgan tea garden and benches for relaxing and resting of our people, wooden tables and benches .
Yeni Mahalle Park was established on a 1250 m2 area and a children's playground and afforestation were made.
Şahin Neighborhood Park was established on an area of 1300 m2 and a playground for children and afforestation were done.
The old Ömerli neighborhood park was established on a 1000 m2 area and the children's playground and afforestation were done.
Fevzi Çakmak Neighborhood Park was established on a 1500 m2 area and a children's playground and afforestation were done.
Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Park was established on a 7000 m2 area, a children's playground, a tea garden, and a traffic training course.

Buminhan Temiz Park is located in 3000m2 area, has children playground and tea garden.
The Yunus Emre children's park was established on an area of 850 sqm with children's playground and seating groups. Duran Kırış Park was established on an area of 1300 m2 and children's playground and seating groups were built.
Ferahim Guvenru Park was established on 2000 m2 area and children's playground and seating groups were built.
Rauf Denktas Park is established on 6500 m2 area and has 2 children playgrounds, sitting groups and buffet.
Aznakay Park was established on a 2800 m2 area, with children's playground and seating groups.
The Atatürk Park was built on an area of 38556m2 with a children's playground. 15 pieces of maple tree planting with pied leaves, 40 pieces of plank tree planting with plane leaves, 60 pieces of İskenderun rubber, 8 pieces of cube, 160 pieces of Japanese roses, 18 pieces of pyramid tortoise, 1200 pieces of rose, 130 pieces of pittosporum dwarf. 5 jasmine trees, 1 sports garden was established. 80% of the total area was lawn seed.

Dede Korkut park was established in 4565m2 area, Child play park, 35 pieces of pyramid tochies, 55 pieces of Jacaranda, 7 pieces of top acacia, 6 pieces of Jesus stud, 30 pieces of rose, 20 pieces of bridged stitches were made. Lady hand 80 pieces. Leyland 3 pcs, pyramid shovel 3 pcs, maple trees 8 pcs, Israeli rubber pcs 18 pcs, field germination, dwarf pittosporum, 30 pcs.
The Ergenekon Park was established on an area of 5250m2, with 20 pieces of acacia, maple tree planting with plane leaves, 30 laurels, tree pittosporum 3pcs. The fence is 300 pieces. 3 pieces of rubber. There is a children's playground.
From the DSI directorate, grass seeds were thrown into 5 hectares of 400.00m2 promenade area rented. 150 pieces of Siberian juniper planting, 1500 pieces of bushes, 40 pieces of Jacaranda, 600 pieces of green horns. 2 sports gardens, 2 children's playgrounds, pruning of dangerous trees, 600 planting stalls.
Mehmetcik Park was established on 3300 m2 area and children's playground seating groups were constructed.
Nutuk Park is established on a 3000 m2 area, has children's playground seating groups, and a mini pool.Otüken Park is established on 5800 m2 area, children playground and seating groups are made.
The 700th year Ottoman Park was established on 7700 m2 area and the children's playground is a park consisting of the group, the museum of the Ottoman Empire, the palace custodian, the ship of the Ottoman period, and a three-stage park.
The Nusrat Mine Ship has been restored. There are three dimensional paintings about the Gallipoli war. There is a symbolic martyr graveyard and Çanakkale Museum.
Kuvayi Milliye Park was established in 2 areas and 20.561 m2 area. 3 children playground seating groups, 16 Turkish Elders and Flags. A platform with Atatürk bust and Turkish flag was built. The botanical garden is established on an area of 8000 m2. There are plants and trees of different kinds in its interior.
Pir Sultan Abdal Park was established on a 1450 m2 area with children's playground and seating groups.
Hacı Bektaş Veli Park 3596 m2 area was established and seating groups were built. Hacı Bektaş Velinin is in a sculpture.
Yeşilyurt Park is located in the area of 4430m2 and has children's playground and seating groups.
Cleopatra Park is built on a 4000m2 area. There is a children's play area and seating groups.
Mithatpaşa children's playground is established on 1430 m2 area and there are sitting groups.
Fatih neighborhood children's playground is established on 1300 m2 area.

Gaziler Mahallesi children's playground is established on 1200 m2 area and there are sitting groups. Children's playground in Reşadiye neighborhood is established on 1200 m2 area and there are sitting groups.


It is built on an area of 6000 m2. There is a closed clinic and an administrative department about 2000 m2. The capacity is around 1000 dogs, and there are now about 320 dogs.
The people of Tarsus benefit from the dog house as follows. Dogs can be vaccinated, cared for and controlled by a veterinarian, traveled and in such cases they can leave their escorted dogs here. When a citizen who wants to take a dog applies, they can fill out the form without any money. The dog can take a copy of the address card.
The complaints about the dog are instantly intervened (personal dog or neighbor dog) by the team created by the dog house supervisor in the evenings, our dog collection teams travel around to collect the stray dogs in the city and the vet carries out all kinds of vaccination care checks at the breeding house of the dogs they can collect.
In addition, breeding genetic and production studies related to the world famous Tarsus Çatalburun hunting dogs have been carried out for 1 year in cooperation with the General Directorate of Security Dog Training Center and the training activities of dogs on narcotics in common.