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Municipal Police Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in accordance with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of the Municipality Law No 5393 and "The Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Local Administration Unions" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. On 06/04/2007 it was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.


Municipality police; Within the borders of municipalities in order to fulfill the functions imposed by law, by-laws, regulations and competent municipal bodies;

  • Umuma açık yerlere girer, gerekli kontrolleri yapar, sahip veya işletenlerinden kontrol konusu ile ilgili belgeler ister ve haklarında tutanak düzenler,
  • Goes into outdoor places, makes necessary checks, requests documents from the owner or operator about the control,
  • The buildings, houses or installations with decisions or orders of the competent authorities in charge of evacuation and demolition are entered with the legal authorities and are subject to legal sanctions,
  • Amendments to judicial proceedings against those who are prohibited from using the authorities recognized by the municipality by legislation,
  • Properly abets the rape of the municipality in the movable and immovable properties
  • In public places, people who are in mobile sales against the regulations of the municipality and pedestrian sidewalks to cover other people's commercial areas,
  • By stopping, pausing, or parking vehicles, roads prevent occupation of places for people to come and go and pedestrian walkways,
  • Unauthorized public roads, pavements and squares will prevent the sale of newspapers, magazines and books on the ground,
  • Carrying materials such as books, cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs where works, performances and productions protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846 are established, places where markets or fairgrounds are established, squares, aqueducts, roads, squares, markets, piers, bridges And sells them to the competent authorities by collecting materials that are attempted to be sold,
  • Destroys deteriorated, stinky and rotten foodstuffs which are permanently endangered by the duties which are absolutely harmful, upon the request and report of the authorities,
  • Provide necessary warning and warning to those who make excessive noise in public places, those who make it difficult for the environment to come and go at polluters, markets and fairgrounds.


The duties of the Provincial in relation to the order and the well-being;

  • To carry out the duties specified by the municipal council in the laws, by-laws and regulations and to use the authorities to protect the order and the well-being of the people of the district within the borders of the municipality.
  • To carry out duties which are stated to be fulfilled by the municipality but which do not concern other municipality's existing units in terms of nature and are to be carried out by the municipal police.
  • Implement decisions and orders taken by municipal decision-making bodies and monitor their results.
  • Properly abets the rape of the municipality in the movable and immovable properties
  • To perform the services required by national holidays and public holidays and ceremonies to be held on special days,
  • To make warnings for the work places to stay closed on Republic Day, to take measures and to ensure that the flag is hung.
  • Performing the follow-up, control, permitting and prohibiting aspects of the laws as a duty to the municipalities.
  • To take the necessary actions regarding the municipal punishments in violation of the prohibitions that the Municipal Assembly and the Council have put in accordance with the laws.
  • According to the Weekly Holiday Law dated 02/01/1924 and numbered 394, by closing the workplaces without obtaining permission from the municipality, to prevent them from working and to carry out legal transactions in their rights.
  • to protect the goods and merchandise found in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and the decisions and procedures of the municipal authorities in this respect; Handing over to the owners when they understand it; To ensure that the goods and goods that do not go out are given to the bulan after the cost of care and supervision is taken in the absence of special provisions in the legislation.
  • According to the Law on Waters No: 831 dated 28/04/1926, to prevent the breakage of public fountains, to break down, to deal with those who break and destroy, to prevent the mixing of other waters with city drinking water or to remove any harmful material to health, To carry out the necessary legal procedures.
  • According to the Population Services Law dated 25/04/2006 and numbered 2590, published in the Official Gazette dated 31/07/2006 and published in the Official Gazette dated 31/07/2006, the numbers given to the buildings and the plates belonging to the streets were removed , To be a deterrent to corruption.
  • To fulfill the duties given to the municipalities in the fields of unlabeled goods, defective goods and services, avoidance of sale, installment and campaign sales and supervision issues within the scope of the provisions of Law No. 4077 on Protection of Consumer on 23/02/1995.
  • To determine the works done without the permission of the municipality without authorization or without the payment of the duties and tax when the municipality is subject to permission or taxes and duties, and to promptly perform the duties and legal proceedings in case they are made, operated, operated, used or sold.
  • According to the Law No. 2548 on Assistance to Persons Deported in Military Service of the Criminal Houses and the Deportations of the Military Families, dated 11/08/1941 and numbered 4109, in accordance with the Law Concerning Food Costs to be Paid to the Criminal Houses, To investigate the needy situation of the applicants by declaring that they are in need of assistance.
  • According to the Law on Municipal Revenues No. 2464 dated 26/05/1981, to prevent the occupation of unauthorized places and to assist the collection officers in relation to the occupations.
  • Assisting forest officers in case of illegal forestry within the municipal boundaries under the provisions of the Forest Law No. 6831 dated 31/08/1956
  • Article 15 of the Municipal Law No. 1580 dated 12/09/1960, Article 58 of the Law on the Surrogate Administration of the Founders of the Municipality of Seviliye, Law No. 552 on the Regulation of the Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Trade and the Law on the Wholesaler Houses dated 24/01/1995 To fulfill the penalties of art and commerce given in accordance with the provisions of the Decree and to prevent wholesale sales in the unlikely event.
  • Taking the necessary precautions until the arrival of the teams in charge of fire, earthquake and floods in accordance with the Law on Assistance to be Taken by Measures to be Taken for Disasters due to General Disabilities dated 15/05/1959 and numbered 7269.
  • According to the Measurement and Adjustment Law no 3516 dated 11/01/1989 and related regulations, it is necessary to check the stamps of the measuring and weighing instruments, to prevent the sale with unmarked measuring instruments, to check the authorization documents of the authorized repairers, to check the unstamped fraudulent, Do not use measuring instruments such as scale, liter, do necessary operations about users.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Law Amending the Decree of the Law on Opening Licenses for Business Establishments dated 06/06/1989 and numbered 3572 and the Regulations Regarding Business Openings and Working Licenses, which were put into effect by the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 14/07/2005 and numbered 2005/9207, To check whether the workplace has an opening license, to apply the penalty of closing the workplace given to the competent authorities and to carry out the necessary procedures.
  • Carrying materials such as books, cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs, where works, performances and productions are protected under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works dated 05/12/1951 and numbered 5846, are used for roads, squares, pavements, piers, bridges and similar places Not to allow for sale, and to collect the materials attempted for sale and deliver it to the authorities.
  • To assist collections to be levied due to municipal receivables in accordance with Law No. 6183 dated 21/07/1953 on the Procedure for the Collection of Public Claims.
  • To fulfill the duties given by the Misdemeanor Act dated 13/03/2005 and numbered 5326.
  • Protecting the historic and tourist facilities of the municipalities and preventing them from being polluted, stolen, destroyed and damaged in any way.
  • To fulfill the service orders of the municipal governor, the mayor or the authorized officers.

Tasks related to construction;

  • To carry out the legal procedures to be carried out together with other units of the municipality.
  • To ensure that security measures are taken within the boundaries of the municipality and contiguous area according to the Zoning Law dated 03/05/1985 and the related zoning regulations and to ensure that the openings in the exposed wells and cellars are closed to prevent damages and hazards and to prevent the leakage of sewage and septic troughs To prevent them from making excuses, to discharge the excavated wastes outside the permitted places, to evacuate the buildings to be demolished, to take the necessary precautions for the implementation of the demolition decisions, to determine the constructions without permission and to immediately stop the construction and to make records with the authorized personnel of the municipality's scientific institutions and to take legal action on their rights.
  • According to the slum Law No. 775 dated 20/07/1966, to prevent unauthorized construction, to identify unauthorized structures and to ensure that they are destroyed under the supervision of the science staff and to take other necessary measures.
  • According to the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets, dated 21/07/1983, number 2863, unlicensed buildings, unauthorized excavation and drilling in the sites and protected areas, informing those who are looking for unauthorized treasure.

Health related tasks;

  • The Law on Public Hygiene No. 1593 dated 24/04/1930 and Law No. 5179 dated 27/05/2004 on the Adoption of the Amendment of the Decree Law on the Consumption and Control of the Production of Foods, Assist the staff in charge
  • To operate in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations Regarding Workplace Opening and Working Licenses with respect to establishments opened without authorization or operated in violation of the spirit.
  • In cooperation with the relevant institutions, check whether the sanitary establishments and the public outdoor recreation and entertainment places are licensed according to the first paragraph (1) of Article 15 of Law No. 5393.
  • Preventing the disposal of houses, apartments and all kinds of workplace garbage on the streets, preventing garbage cans and wastes from splintering
  • To carry out the services required to be carried out by the municipal police with the decisions of the competent authorities on the streets, streets, parks and squares, to sell the mobile sellers who sell in contradiction with the legislation and health conditions.
  • Law on the Adoption of the Decree on the Consumption and Control of the Production of Foods and the Law on the Adoption of the Amendment of the Decree, to prevent the sale of foodstuffs that have not been washed, peeled or cooked in accordance with the relevant regulations and regulations and to sell foodstuffs that are not baked or cooked, In the absence of personnel, to take the sample personally in accordance with the rules set out in the statutes and regulations and to destroy those determined to be harmful to the health as a result of the analysis performed, with the decision of the authorities.
  • To prevent sacrificing of places other than those determined by the competent authorities in accordance with their decisions.
  • According to the Environmental Law No. 2872 dated 09/08/1983 and related regulations, it is possible to organize records such as factories, workplaces, workshops and entertainment places that cause harm to the environment and human health and make noise that disturbs the peace and quiet, To inform the competent authorities and to carry out the duties assigned to him in this matter.
  • According to the Law on Animal Health and Law No. 3285 dated 08/05/1986 and related regulations, if there is an outbreak of disease or animal deaths which are not known to occur in some place, it is necessary to inform related authorities and temporarily cordon these places, To assist in the culling of animals that need to be destroyed, and to have them destroyed in such a way as not to harm human health.
  • To check the licenses of the persons who transport animal and animal products and the certificates of origin of animals in accordance with the Law on Animal Health and Law No. 3285 and Regulations, to prevent slaughterhouses and meat combinations, to carry out legal proceedings against them.
  • To use the authorities given in the duties of the minutes to the authorities of the Animals Protection Law No. 5199 of 24/06/2004.
  • In cooperation with the relevant organizations, supervising the furnaces and bakeries' factories and other food production facilities in compliance with the health conditions, supervising the related institutions upon request, controlling the bread and paddy weight and carrying out necessary legal procedures.

Tasks related to traffic;

  • According to the Highway Traffic Law dated 13/10/1983 and numbered 2918, to search documents for structures and facilities built on the edges of highways in municipal boundaries and contiguous areas, and to make minutes together with other relevant personnel of the municipality.
  • Inspecting the numbers, tariffs, tariffs and times and routes of all types of services and public transport vehicles and taxis operated on land, sea, water and railways determined in accordance with the decision of the competent bodies.
  • Carrying out the necessary inspections and other works and operations in the parking places on the roads, streets, streets, squares and similar places, which are determined according to the decision of the competent bodies.
  • Carrying out what is deemed appropriate by the mayor from traffic duties and authorities given to the municipalities by law.
  • Taking necessary traffic precautions in infrastructural works done in municipalities
  • To identify damage to traffic signs and placards
  • Checking the price and time schedule of intercity bus terminals and buses in other garages, making records for those who do not comply.


1.It ensures that the objectives of the directorate are realized in the direction of the 1.Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Programs.

Officers and officers of the municipal registry are obliged and responsible to know the laws, regulations, regulations and orders related to their duties, to make their services within their provisions and to help each other during the fulfillment of their duties.

Zabıta Tembihnamesi

Annual Services

  • Obtaining the necessary police measures in National and Religious Holidays,
  • The draft budget of the following year is prepared each year in May and sent to the relevant directorate,
  • Implementation of annual traditional collective circumcision ceremony organization, taking measures.

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Staff Number

The Municipal Police is an Organization working for the order, health and peace (24 hours) of the province, district and province within the municipal borders established according to the Municipal Law No. 1580. The Municipal Police of Municipality of Municipality is directly under the order of Mayor. It is celebrated as "Police Week".

Deputy Director of the Police (1)
Deputy Manager of Traffic (1)
Police commissary (3)
Police Officer (40)
TOTAL (45)

Municipal Police Complaints (OPEN 24 HOURS)

TEL: ALO 153 from 6162512 the municipal central telephone -1319 Dog feeding, stray dog, cow, sheep, horse etc. (Water, chimney etc.) - neighborhood markets - street vendors - mobile sellers - price sale of unlabeled goods Complaints can be reported to the Police Complaints Service by phone 24 hours a day