Library Directorate

Ufuk AY
Library Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in accordance with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of the Municipality Law No 5393 and "The Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Local Administration Unions" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. At 06/04/2007 it was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Directorate of the Library was established with the decision of Tarsus Municipal Council dated 04/09/2014 and 2014 / 9-1 (86).


The main duties and authorities of the Directorate of Library General Management are;
A) To make sufficient staff for the execution of the services of the Directorate, to perform the duty of general education and supervision on the division of labor and personnel,
B) To prepare and present the budget of the Directorate taking into consideration the needs of the affiliated units,
C) Ensuring that purchasing is done in a balanced manner in the direction of the municipality's policies, between the central and affiliated units,
D) To follow up developments in the field of service and to work on the introduction of new technologies into practice, E) To ensure standardization of technical and reader services and to supervise,
F) To ensure that the central and unit libraries work in coordination and cooperation, and for this purpose, open vocational courses, organize training programs,
G) To carry out other activities which are required by this regulation and which are required by the services,
H) To prepare a detailed activity report on the services of the Directorate and present it to the Presidency at the end of the year,
I) The Library Director is responsible for Tarsus Municipality because of all his services.

Library services are divided into "Technical Services" and "Reader Services".

Technical Services
It is all of the work that the entire library material (book, periodical, thesis, brochure, audio-visual aids, etc.)
Units constituting technical services:
A) Procurement Unit: To provide selection, purchase, donation and exchange for creating and developing books and similar collections to support education and training and to assist in research,
B) Cataloging and Classification Unit: Classifying the books and other materials provided to the library according to the most suitable system, presenting them to the readers'
C) Periodical Publications Department: To provide publication through selection, purchase, donation and exchange for the creation and development of the Periodical Publication Collection and to use them in a certain order,
All of the jobs listed in a, b and c are executed by the unit authorities.
D) Binding and Repair Unit: This is the unit of repair and binding of information resources.

Reader Services
It is a service that enables readers to make the most efficient use of information resources and libraries. Units that make up reader services:
Application Unit: It is the unit which provides the presentation of the library collection and its usage to the reader both inside and outside the library. This unit is responsible for organizing in-service training programs to help with the use of library materials and to make bibliography scans, to announce readers to the new publications, and to carry out information services. These services are carried out by the authorities of the directorate.
Audiovisual Services Unit: It is the unit responsible for selecting, producing, duplicating, procuring, providing to the service in a certain order and caring for audiovisual tools and equipment to support education.

The unit aims to contribute to local tourism, history, culture and art life by working in a high level of verbal thinking ability following systematic, orderly, careful and rigorous documentation management, document management discipline and efficient and fast service.
In this context;
• Collecting books, newspapers, theses, articles, photographs, films, documents, written and visual documents about Tarsus and bringing together a permanent common value.
• The archives of organizations such as the Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives (BOA), the Republican Archives (CA), the General Directorate of Foundations (VGMA), the Directorate of Religious Affairs (DİBA) as well as organizations such as Foundations, Associations and Chambers , To translate Ottoman texts which are deemed necessary into short abstracts to the information system.
• Contacting the Tarsus District Governorate to ensure that the archives of the local institutions are screened by the District Governor's Office and that copies of the qualifications are made available.
• Provide immediate and systematic recording of all material obtained, such as donations, research clearing or reproductions.
• Preliminary Classification; The work is evaluated according to the value of the research does not enter the archives. After the pre-sorting, the materials are allocated to the related fields and the related funds. In addition, the "seal of belonging" is shot and recorded in the inventory book to ensure the safety of the work. After all these works, the work takes its place in the archive. It is also aimed to add a record to the archive program and the internet system in order to facilitate access to the stream.
• Inventory Control; To verify the location of the materials in the archive, to ensure inventory control and census to detect lost, loaned, or demoted artifacts.
• Kent Archives aims to provide services to every researcher without any "fee" or "membership". Works in our archive are not exported at all without the necessary permissions except for special cases. But; If the material in question is "a property of being a document in a case"; If it is used in scientific research which is very important, it can be borrowed with the necessary permissions for a short period of time against the minutes.
• In addition to forming the memory of the city, it aims to work towards the aim of strengthening the Tarsus' urban ties with various exhibitions and other activities.
• Tarsus Municipality Urban Archives aims to be "the memory of Tarsus" with its technological equipment and modern archival understanding.

Conditions for exhibiting artistic works in the Exhibition Wholesalel;
• Applicants of artists who submit the documents required to open the exhibition are accepted.
• Works to be exhibited must have artistic value and must go through the selection committee approval.
• The Selection Committee is composed of the Directorates and representatives of the relevant NGOs.
• The works of artists who have academic qualifications and who have taken part in and documented in the national and international art literature are not presented for the approval of the selective committee.
• The works of the exhibiting artist are exhibited during the predetermined and notified period.
• Works to be exhibited should be in appearance and quality to be exhibited.