Legal Affairs Directorate

Legal Affairs Director


Jobs in the Legal Affairs Department

In accordance with the aim of realizing the service policy of our Agency and in accordance with the Regulation of the Establishment, Duties, Authorities and Working Principles of the Legal Affairs Directorate, which was accepted by Tarsus Municipal Assembly dated 12.04.2005 and 12 / 4-2 (2), Laws, Regulations, Orders, Legislation, etc. . within; To give written comments on the legal issues, legal, financial and penal consequences of the legal issues that the President, Vice-Presidents or other executive directors and officials of the Tarsus municipalities shall have in respect of their work, to protect the interests of the Municipality of Tarsus, to take timely legal measures to prevent disputes, To follow the lawsuits and execution orders opened by Tarsus Municipality or Tarsus Municipality on behalf of the institution in the scope of the power of attorney given by the Mayor of Tarsus on behalf of the institution and to represent the institution in these proceedings and execution proceedings in order to ensure that all transactions to be made by the Municipality of Tarsus are carried out by the Municipality of Tarsus. And to continue to work with the authorities to fulfill the objectives of the Authority better, to submit legal opinions to ensure that the legislation, plan and program work properly.

Personnel Status

There are 4 lawyers, 1 officers and 4 bureau staff working in the Legal Affairs Department.

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