Human Resources and Training Directorate

Human Resources and Training Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in accordance with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of the Municipality Law No 5393 and "The Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Local Administration Unions" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. 06/04/2007 was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.


Officer Staff
  • The procedures to be carried out for the civil servants to be employed in the existing units shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 657 on receipt of the exam and officers required by the DMK, the scheduling of the nomination periods, the approval of the dignity, the keeping of personal and registry files for each staff,
  • Civil servant personnel progressing every year and grading every 3 years, making proposals for staff changes for victims in terms of staff level,
  • To ensure that officer personnel are prepared to submit their registration reports to the registrants every year and fill out the results in the registry, to make adjustments to those who have finished a higher education,
  • Submitting the staff of officers to the approval of the Mayor for awarding the list of personnel determined within the framework of the ratios set out in Article 49 of the Municipal Law, which measures performance every 6 months, twice a year in accordance with the Municipal Law 5393,
  • To follow the daily attendance and / or absenteeism of civil servant personnel, to obtain the annual leave approvals, to make excuse leave, free leave, to obtain the necessary approval to turn health reports into health leave, to make necessary correspondence with the Governorate for the permission of the personnel going abroad,
  • To send pension data to the General Directorate of Retirement Fund,
  • To perform the tasks and transactions of personnel assigned to internal and external duties determined in accordance with Article 86 of the DMK No. 657.

Laborer Staff

  • To carry out the necessary procedures for recruitment of labor personnel subject to the Labor Law No. 4857 to be employed in the municipal units, to obtain the necessary visas for the permanent staff,
  • To inform the Ministry of Labor within the legal period of starting workers who have started a new job and leave their job,
  • To ensure that all workers 'annual leave, free leave and health reports are processed and followed up by the Labor Code and the Turkish Industrialists'
  • Conducting collective bargaining agreements every two years on behalf of the employer and the union organizing the social rights of all employee personnel, completing the documents required by Laws 2821 and 2822 and informing the Financial Services Directorate,
  • To obtain the approval of the President of the Workers' Discipline Committee, the Damage Assessment Commission and the establishment of a health and safety workplace for each workplace,
  • To carry out pension transactions on the demand of the employee personnel whose retirement has been expired, to close their files,
  • To inform the Financial Services Directorate to calculate and pay severance and notice indemnity of workers whose employment is terminated pursuant to the relevant articles of the Labor Law No. 4857, to notify the Directorate of Business Establishment by filling out the leave report for each employee.

Contract staff

  • To carry out all the works and transactions of the personnel working with the contracts made for a certain period in accordance with Article 49 of the Municipal Law No. 5393,
  • Increasing the performance of the personnel is to carry out the necessary work and operations by arranging domestic and foreign seminars about the topics that need to be discussed after the approval of the Presidency by consulting with the units to increase productivity.

IT Management

  • Maintaining or updating the programs installed in existing computer systems in our municipality,
  • Taking and implementing the necessary safety measures to ensure the continuity of the systems,
  • To ensure and implement data security,
  • To create an intranet for data exchange between the directorates,
  • Providing contemporary communication and information exchange by establishing internet and web site,
  • Ensuring that personal data is shared, used and protected by other organizations.
  • To follow the errors and problems coming from the computer users and to solve them,
  • To solve the problems arising from hardware by working together with hardware bureau,
  • Maintenance, continuity, error-free operation of database software held by municipal data,
  • To take the necessary precautions to ensure that the backup software of the computer system operates smoothly and to provide the solution by obtaining the support from the related companies if necessary,
  • Ensure that basic programs such as operating systems, antivirus software, and application software in the computer system operate uninterruptedly and securely.

Dining Wholesalel Services

  • 1. Ensure regular meals,
  • 2. To ensure that the food court is kept clean,
  • 3. To prepare the weekly meals list,
  • 4. To make purchasing transactions of necessary supplies and foodstuffs,
  • 5. To arrange the distribution of duty and working hours of the staff working in the dining hall,
  • 6. Provide the necessary staff to ensure that the food court is organized and clean,
  • 7. To demonstrate the necessary dedication for adequate and healthy use of the budget for the cafeteria,
  • 8. To fulfill the orders and duties he receives from his superiors.

Authority of the Directorate

To carry out the work and operations related to assignment, personal, registry, discipline, adjustment, social rights and retirement procedures of all personnel working in the municipality in line with the current legislation.

Responsibility of the Directorate

  • Human Resources and Training Directorate is responsible for the work done, to the mayor, the law, statutes, regulations and general affairs.
  • Ensures the realization of the objectives of the directorate in line with the Strategic Plan and the Annual Performance Programs.

Our Human Resources Policy
Tarsus Municipality’s human resources policy is based on the principle that the human resources policy of Turkey is to increase the capacity of the local goverments in the field of local governance by increasing the capacity of the location and meeting the expectations of its stake holders, oriented, technologically compatible, constantly developing technology, empowered by the creativity of its employes, citizen-oriented and employing human rsources efficiently.
Implement and evaluate personel training and plan of the municipal orgaznisation, the monitor of the movements of the municipality and to make proposals and work on the municipality’s human power policy and planning, to make assigments, promotion fees, retirement, transfer, registration, discipline and similar personnel matters related to municipal personnel, to prepare and implement pre- service and in service training programmes aimed at arresting the work and individual capacities of municipal personel and to carry out the procedures related to collective bargaining agreements and unions of workers and public officials to coordinate with other directorates.
In our municipality, the target of our Human Resources Policy is; to plan the Human Resources for our municipality to work efficiently, to hire employees toto assign them in service units, to plan their educational needs, to determine their efficiency, oerformance management, career plans in terms of scientific methods.

With the awareness that our most important capital is our employees;
We will develop systems that will allow our employees to encrease their efficiency and productivity by keeping their business forercast at high level, allowing them tor ise and provide fair and equal opportunities in the implementation of this system.
We ensure that our employees work in duties that are in accordance with their knowledge and abilities and that they and they can improve the performance of the institution by supporting the realization of individual goals.
To prepare a training program that will improve the quality of service, encourage success and creativity and enable our emnployees to develop individually and professionaly.
To improve the systems in which our employees are motivated, to regonize the result of their work and to be rewarded with appreciation, to provide support for the development of low performances while rewarding high performances by performing objective evaluations with objective criteria.
An effective communication and motivation environment where employees can use their creativity and express their ideas.
To fallow participatory management politics that incorporate different perspectives and knowledge.
To fulfil the social and cultural needs of our employees, to build on instituonal culture that will strengthen their commitment and encourge their work.
We undertake to protect and observe the personality and other rights of our employees.

Our vision:
As a human resources; to have a happy employee profile that has achieved success in its field, moves with team spirit.
Our mission:
In order to support our vision, we can define all the strategies of the Tarsus municipality regarding human resources and adopt them in the municipality and implement them in the same way.
Our targets:
Being an employer preferred by qualified workforce to work,
To provide continious improvement opportunities for our employees,
Reglarly monitör the performance of our employees.
To examine systems and processes and structure them according to needs.
To reward employees achievements and high performances
To take into account the suggestions and expectations of our employees
Our goal is to create a participatory, communication based, open and transparent organisational structure.

It is the human resource that we have the greatest factor in achieving our goals and achieving our successes by providing their satisfaction at every stage of the service we give to Tarsus.
We beleive that our employees are the most valuable assest of our system.
We are not looking at our relations with our employees temporarily, we are building relationships with our trained staff on healthy and permant bases.
Tarsus Municipality aims to work with leaders and managers who are privileged to work in Tarsus Municipality, who can use initiative, develop and change, open to use advanced technology, educated, dynamic, with team spirit and managing this power.

Recruitment Process:
Employees of our municipality; it is subject to the provisions of civil servants law number 657, labor law number 4857, lw 2821 numbered trade unions collctive labor areement number 2822, strike and lock out law, insurance numbe 5510 and general halth insurance number 5510 and general health insurance law and other related laws and regulations.
The adress of the web site for candidates who will apply to our municipality and register is, Candidates who wish to apply are able to apply personally to the “White house” liason Office, human resources and education directorate, who is responsible for managing public relations.
If the interview is positive ,the Human Resources Department initiates the plasement process.According to the titles,recruitment is carried out by following the steps accordingto the legislation..

Education and Development
Orientation training is given to our staff who started to work in our municipality.The aim of this orientation education is to inform the new employers about the history of our municipality,the structure and organization of it and the order of working place,and also to introduce them with other employers ,thus providing them the job orientation efficiently.
Our education programs directing our employee’s develeopment process and enchancing their knowledge and skills are avaliable for the staff . The vacational and personal trainings which help our employees develop their personal knowledge and skills besides the aim of the company are also available.

Transportation and food is provided for all employees . Some social acivities such as tournaments ,trips, picnics,are organized to enhance the motivation among employees. Besides this,workplace doctor is provided. Various social asnd cultural activities are organized to enhance job satisfaction and cooperation among employees.

Our municipality providing internship oppurtunity for students not just enhance their sectioral development but also help them find oppurtunity to determine their potential teammates. In our municipality, internship is carried out in two terms ; in summer and in winter . Candidates who have internship obligation need to apply to Human Resources in Tarsus Municipality and Directorate of Education in person . Candidates in Highschool need to submit internship file and candidates at univesity need to submit a document which indicates that their internship is compulsory.
Candidates who are determined according to the needs of the units are accepted for internship in accordance with an interview by Human Resources Management.