Health Services Directorate

Health Services Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in line with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of Municipality Law No.5393 and "Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principles Standards of Municipalities and Affiliated Organizations and Association of Municipalities" dated 22.02.2007 and number 26442. On 06.04.2007 it was discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and dated. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 05/02/2015 and numbered 2015 / 2-1 (18) are as follows.

Guiding Principle
ARTICLE-6 the existence of Tarsus Municipality Health Affairs Directorate; Move from the health first; Healthy people, healthy society and healthy environment.

ARTICLE-7 the duties, powers and responsibilities of the Health Affairs Directorate and the affiliated units shall be determined by this regulation and the relevant legislation.
A) Determination of unit targets in the Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Programs and ensuring that these targets are realized,
B) To contribute to taking necessary precautions to reduce health risks in the province and to create healthy people, healthy society and healthy environment by working in coordination with Metropolitan Municipality Health Department, Veterinary Services Department, Environment Protection Control Department and other related institutions,
C) To carry out activities for protection from infectious diseases within the municipal borders, by coordinating with other institutions, establishments and administrations in matters aiming to protect public health (epidemics and infectious diseases, etc.)
D) To supervise sanitary establishments and the public health of 2rd and 3rd class non-governmental organizations, food and food-related substances and materials, and open-air recreational and recreational facilities for the purpose of protecting, monitoring and improving public health. Take or take care of,
E) To evaluate and conclude citizen complaints reaching the municipality, to suspend the activities of the harmful enterprises in terms of community health temporarily or permanently, to implement the administrative fines in case of contradictory cases,
F) To organize educational and awareness meetings and activities in public health issues when necessary,
G) To ensure the elimination of public health hazards in public places,
H) To carry out the regulations of the animal protection law numbered 5199, the Veterinary Services Food and Feed Veterinary Services Food and Feed Law No. 5996, the Environmental Law No. 2872 and the related environmental and health related legislation in coordination with the institutions, establishments and administrations,
I) To serve at the commission for the Establishment and Operation of the Workplace,
J) To take the measures contained in the authority of the Authority for the fulfillment of its duties within the scope of the annual business programs of the Institution, to apply the principle decisions taken by the presidency in matters exceeding its authority,
K) To establish harmonious communication and cooperation between other institutions and organizations that have business relations with our municipality,
L) To identify the changes in relation to institutions and organizations in order to be more productive and economic in line with their needs and to propose them to the presidency,
M) To ensure that the other duties stipulated by Mer'i legislation and the duties given by the presidency are carried out.
N) To follow the innovations related to the field of duties, to carry out researches for the application within the institution, to make it possible, to present the final president, to fulfill other duties to be given in the presidency,
O) Following coordination meetings with affiliated units, following the flow of documents, listening to the proposal by giving necessary instructions,
P) To prepare and manage the budget of the Directorate,
Q) To ensure coordination between affiliated units and upper authorities,
R) To control, supervise and direct the work of the connected units,
S) Having the personnel rights and the follow-up of the registration procedures of civil servants, contracted personnel and worker personnel,
T) To organize and submit to the President the annual activity reports for the activities of the units affiliated to the Directorate,
U) To make proposals to the presidency on legal and administrative measures to be taken by carrying out investigations and investigations on the issues related to the subjects and practices that arise from the inadequacy and problems with the legislation.

ARTICLE-8 the Directorate of Health Affairs and affiliated units are authorized to carry out and carry out the duties specified in this regulation and the related laws with due care and promptness.
A) To use the power of decision-making, taking and implementing measures to carry out the duties related to the Directorate in line with the programs deemed appropriate by the Chairman,
B) To use the authority to make proposals to the presidency for taking the new measures and authorities necessary for the execution of the duties of the Directorate,
C) To use the authority to make presidential proposals in matters such as organization, staff, referral and administration,
D) To use the authorities determined by the Circular, Directive, Completion and the like issued in the Presidency,
E) To ensure that the other duties stipulated by the applicable legislation and the duties given in the Presidency are carried out.

ARTICLE-9 Directorate of Health Affairs; Municipal legislation is responsible to the Presidency for its fulfillment of its duties as prescribed by this Regulation and other legislation related to its duties, and for its timely and proper use of its authorities.