Culture And Social Affairs Directorate

Ahmet Seyhan ATAMER
Culture and Social Affairs Director


The organization structure of Tarsus Municipality has been determined in line with the articles 18, 48 and 49 of Municipality Law No.5393 and "Principles Regarding Norm Staff and Principle Standards of Municipalities and Local Authorities Associations" published in the Official Gazette dated 22.02.2007 and numbered 26442. At 06/04/2007 rules were discussed at the Tarsus Municipal Assembly Meeting and the decision was concluded. Duties, Authority and Working Regulations have been prepared in the Municipal Units and in the enterprises in order to prevent the waste of labor and economic resources and to increase the productivity in the service.
The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.


  • The Ministry of Culture and Social Affairs fulfills the tasks and responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of all legal regulations that are liable in accordance with the instructions from the Mayor and / or the Vice-Chairman, makes the necessary appointments in relation to the personnel in all matters entering the field of duty, Supervises the activities of the directorate, if any, fixes the disruptions. It prepares or prepares annual, monthly, weekly, daily work programs, provides referrals and administration according to these programs, and provides the necessary reports to the upper authorities in these matters. As the first register chief; the staff gives a record note, improves working conditions and puts principles. It monitors the performance of the Directorate staff and makes the necessary assessments, if any, to the top authorities for punishment and reward.
  • Allows personnel to make permits and use permits. Report, birth, death etc. Follows and checks the correspondences on topics.
  • The Mayor's Office; Checks the incoming and outgoing documents from the external and internal institutions, units and persons and controls the arrival and archiving of the documents after they have done the referral and transportation.
  • The Directorate keeps the inventory book and keeps a check on the sending of the tables of the commission and the appraisal to the relevant Directorates every year.
  • Provides the realization of the goals of the Directorate with strategic planning and annual Performance Programs.
  • Organizes competitions organized to support young people in education, culture, science, arts and sports.
  • Organize activities that will be held on official, national and religious days.
  • Organizations make public interest in cinema, theater, festival and artistic activities.
  • To increase the level of education and culture of the people, courses, panels, open sessions, symposiums, seminars, meetings and so on. Organize activities.
  • Organize activities to improve communication, unity and solidarity among citizens.
  • Various competitions, seminars, conferences, theaters, etc. with educational institutions. Organize activities.
  • Performs award-winning competitions in various subjects.
  • Organize programs and awarded competitions to protect the public, and especially young people, from bad habits.
  • Contributes to the promotion of these places by organizing trips to historical and cultural places.
  • Organize programs in association with associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations in our province.
  • National and international introductory panels, interviews, theater, symposiums, awarded competitions, etc. about the recognized personalities in the fields of Turkish history, science and art. activities.
  • Organize courses in the fields of literacy, hand skills and art that the public needs.
  • Tenders activities carried out by our Directorate.
  • Performs service purchases.
  • Provides the supply of inventory and consumption materials that the unit needs.
  • Vocational Center and Women's Shelter, etc. Provide the needs of the units.

As the Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, several sub-units have been formed in order to bring Tarsus and our people to the best places and to provide them with the necessary services. These are respectively;

1) Vocational Acquisition Center
2) Disabled Persons Vocational Center
3) University Preparation Course Center
4) Mehmet Bal Exhibition Wholesalel
5) Ethem Çalışkan Reading Room
6) Local Agenda 21 Secretariat
7) Municipal City Theater
8) Ethnography Museum
9) Female Guest House
10) Tourist Information Bureau
11) Kırkkaşık Bedesteni
12) Lifelong Education and Sports Center
13) Tarsus Youth Park
14) Kent Archive
Work and projects for new units and services outside these services are ongoing.