360° Tarsus

Our Tarsus have a big potential for history and nature. Representing these potentials are very important. Because of internet’s spread is very fast, written and visual media means are left behind the internet, it will not be an exaggeration. From this point, it’s very important that easily accessed knowledge. In these times, this technique is the most qualified for presenting the places. Implanting this technique to Tarsus which called virtual tour, panoramic tour and 360 degree, not only for Tarsus’s beauties, also presenting our companies and firms.
In these days when the Kazanlı-Seyhan project is accelerating, it’s very important about tourism. 360 degree Tarsus will be very useful for domestic and foreign tour companies. 360 degree Tarsus project can be called as panoramic photograph collection for Tarsus. Thanks to photos taken with special equipment, you can easily view the places with 360 degree and 3 dimensional panoramic. With a mouse, you can view the places floor to roof, left to right. Visitors seem to be walking around and informed impressively.