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Occupational Health and Safety Management

Occupational Health and Safety Manager

At TARSUS MUNICIPALITY, it is a management that works under the direction of the Directorate of Health Affairs within a plan to provide a better working environment by removing the danger caused by the execution of the work from the middle, removing it from the conditions that may damage the health.

The Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities of the Directorate and the Municipal Assembly Decision dated 01/09/2009 and numbered 2009 / 8-1 (16) are as follows.

A) To regulate the duties, authorities, responsibilities, rights and obligations of the employers and employees to ensure the health and safety of the institution and to improve the existing health and safety conditions in accordance with the Law on Occupational Health and Safety dated June 20, 2012 and numbered 6331.
B) Establishment of safety procedures and training programs for the conduct of work carried out at the workplace in accordance with occupational health and safety rules.
C) To carry out activities to prevent occupational risks, to take all kinds of precautions including training and information, to make the organization, to provide necessary tools and equipment, to make health and safety measures compatible with the changing conditions and to improve the existing situation,
D) To observe whether the occupational health and safety measures taken at the workplace are complied with or not, to inspect and to ensure the elimination of nonconformities,
E) To conduct risk assessment or to have it done,
F) To provide employer guidance on working environment surveillance, including all protective, preventive and corrective actions to be taken against health and safety risks in the workplace,
G) To implement health surveillance with the aim of protecting and improving the health of employees,
H) Planning and providing for the approval of employers on training and informing of occupational health and safety,
I) To cooperate with the other units, institutions and organizations related to the organization of the applications that should be done in terms of first aid and emergency intervention, to prepare emergency situation plan, to determine emergency situations such as accident, fire, natural disaster and the like in the workplace,
J) To record the annual work plan, the annual evaluation report, the monitoring of the working environment, the health surveillance of employees, the information on occupational accidents and occupational diseases and occupational health and safety,
K) To keep records of work carried out by employees, results of risk appraisal at work, exposure information, employment and periodic health examination results, occupational accidents and occupational diseases records in accordance with confidentiality principle in personal health files,
L) To monitor whether the duties stated in the fields they serve are fulfilled within the scope of the Regulation on the Duties, Authorities, Responsibilities and Trainings of the Job Security Experts.

- Guidance; - Guidance; Maintenance, selection and maintenance of work, design, organization and implementation of the work, including the design, maintenance and selection of the machine and other equipment, the selection, use, maintenance, maintenance and testing of personal protective equipment, To provide the employer with advice in order to ensure that it is carried out in accordance with the legislation on occupational health and safety and general business safety rules. . To inform the employer in writing of the measures to be taken regarding occupational health and safety. . To make proposals to the employer by investigating the causes of occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and by working on measures to be taken in order not to repeat them. . To work on the investigation of the causes of activities that occur in the workplace but do not cause death or injury but are potentially harmful to the employee, equipment or workplace, and make proposals to the employer.
- Risk assessment; Participate in the work and implementation of the risk assessment in terms of occupational health and safety, make proposals and follow up with the employer about the health and safety measures to be taken as a result of the risk assessment.
- Working environment surveillance; To supervise and monitor periodic maintenance, control and measurements that should be done in order to observe the working environment, work health and safety legislation in the workplace. . Participating in workshops for the prevention of accidents, fires or explosions in the workplace, making proposals to the employer in this regard and following the practices; To participate in the preparation of emergency plans for situations such as natural disasters, accidents, fires or explosions, to monitor and control the periodic trainings and exercises related to this topic and to act in accordance with the contingency plan.

- Training, information and registration; To conduct work on the planning of employees' occupational health and safety trainings in accordance with the relevant legislation and submit them to the employer for approval and to carry out or control them. Prepare an annual evaluation report on occupational health and safety studies and working environment surveillance results related to the working environment in cooperation with the workplace physician. . To organize information activities for employees and submit them to the approval of the employer and to control their application. . To prepare work permit and procedures for work health and safety instructions for use at the required places and submit it to the employer for approval and to check its application.

- cooperation with the relevant units; To make an assessment about work accidents and occupational diseases together with the workplace physician, to prepare the necessary preventive action plans by carrying out examination and research for not repeating the dangerous event and follow up the applications. . To prepare the annual work plan for occupational health and safety activities to be carried out in the next year, together with the workplace physician. . If found, work in partnership with the occupational health and safety body. Provide support and co-operation with employees' representatives and support staff.

Continuously improving employee health awareness training and effective supervision activities for continuous improvement of Occupational Health and Safety.
Occupational Health and Safety board meetings are held regularly on a monthly basis, frequent field visits are made and arrangements are made for detected nonconformities.
Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department Tarsus Group Authority provided training on fire drills and fire extinguishing techniques to Tarsus Municipality employees within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety.
The fire tubes in all our units were checked and the filling tubes were filled. AC has been cleaned twice with antibacterial during the year. General health screening and inspections of all the personnel in the municipality continued throughout the year.

In the work initiated by the Health Directorate of Tarsus Municipality Health and Safety Administration with the slogan "Security for All", tiny students traveled around the municipal campus with various currencies in their hands and distributed various brochures to give more importance to personnel health and safety and to increase their sensitivity.

Little students were visited by Mayor Şevket Can, who had a reflective vest on them and wearing helmets on their heads. Mayor Şevket Can, who stated that the accident started with a negligence small, congratulated the students on work safety in order to raise awareness in all the working environments, to adopt the business security culture at a young age and not to work in the field of campus.

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